Leland Bobbé.

Portraits - Neo-Burlesque

1. World Famous BOB

2. Dottie Lux

3. Evil Hate Monkey

4. Ms. Tickle

5. Cheekie Lane

6. Perle Noir

7. Nasty Canaste

8. Little Briiklyn

9. Tigger!

10. Velocity Chyaldd

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Director David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini on the set of Blue Velvet (1986)


Yesterday would have been Frank Sinatra's birthday. As well as his extensive recording career, he also appeared in many films. He won an Oscar for best supporting actor in 1953 for 'From Here to Eternity'. Read his full biography from Who’s Who

Image credit: Portrait of Frank Sinatra, Liederkrantz Hall, New York, N.Y., ca. 1947] from Library Of Congress, via Flickr Commons.

1950: Marilyn photographed by Earl Leaf

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"The Shining" - Kubrick

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Salvador Dali with Paco Rabanne models


Salvador Dali with Paco Rabanne models